"Where your REAL health matters"

Maximum Results in Minimum Time!

By investing 20 minutes twice a week at Not A Gym you can reshape your body faster and safer than traditional training methods. 

Our Studio provides a private and professional environment where anybody can feel comfortable.  Our training is for everybody!  People wanting to lose fat and lose sizes, wanting to look and feel better, sports performance, brides and grooms, surgery rehabilitation, back injuries and even the elderly.  Everyone comes in by appointment thus eliminating wasted time during your workout and creating accountability.  We train all our clients under science based protocols that provide all the health benefits of traditional exercise in much less time.



By training the body intensely but safely twice a week and guiding clients to healthier food choices and keeping an eye on total caloric intake one can lose body fat, increase metabolic capacities, build lean body mass, increase heart and lung health, and help alleviate back pain.  Nutritional counseling is included regardless of which program you choose.

My Personal Trainer is a BBB Accredited Personal Trainer in Oklahoma City, OK